For my final project in ECMP 355 I’m putting together a wiki dealing with implementing iPods into Math education.  I have been bookmarking sites through Delicious that may be useful for the project for the past while, you can view them here.

(from Flickr)
(from Flickr)

The wiki will include:

  • Math-related application reviews (as well as some non math related, but useful apps) including screen shots, a brief summary, and some possible uses
  • Requirements (what would need to happen before implementing iPods)
  • Podcasting (what it is, how it can be used)
  • Protection (how you can prevent the iPods from getting wrecked)
  • Examples (where iPods have been used)
  • Tips & Tricks / Tutorials (I will probably just link to great resources I’ve found)
  • Resources (other resources)

I’ve started putting everything together with Google Sites (you can see what’s been started here, all that’s really been done is a review on a Battery Status app), however I’ve just realized it doesn’t function very nicely as a wiki.  I may switch it over to Wikispaces since the University of Regina has set up a wikispaces area for students and staff.

Do you have any suggestions for the wiki?  Or do you have anything you think you could contribute?