The Update

As this class is winding down, I have quite a bit on the go.

Right now my final project is slowly coming along.  I spent some time creating a nice looking header image for my Math + iPods wiki, which you can view here.  I used the trial version of Paint Shop Pro.  I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time playing around with it and actually got some content created.  However, I’m slowly, but surely adding to the application reviews.  I still need to find some resources about podcasting and all my other topics.  I will be devoting some serious time to the wiki today and this weekend.  And it is a wiki, so feel free to add anything you might find useful.

My mentorships have really slowed down in the past week or two.  My classes have been working on my Retro Hockey League Math Problem.  Mr. Kaechele’s class had two groups answer the question, one through a screen cast and the other through a podcast.   You can see both if you scroll to near the bottom of this page.  Ms. Ionno’s class is answering the problem individually using Google forms.  I am hoping to be able to Skype/Adobe Connect into all three of my classrooms again before the end of the semester, and possibly even after if it works.

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