View From My Back Door
View From the Front of My Place

For those of you who aren’t residents of Saskatchewan, you might not be aware of the ridiculous dump of snow we have experienced over the last few days. If you want to read more about it, you can here.   Many roads outside of the city have been closed and travel hasn’t been recommended.  If you’re interested, Global Regina has a Storm Watch page set up, where there have been many great photos posted  (just a warning, this link will probably be dead in a few days).

This morning, I woke up, looked outside and hoped that classes would be cancelled.  So I immediately checked my university email. Nothing, dang.  I checked the University’s homepage. Nothing, again.  Alright, looks like I have to get up and go.  I quickly showered, chomped down some breakfast, and threw on all my snow gear, making myself resemble how i looked when my parents used to dress me up to play outside as a child.

There was no hope in driving this morning with all the snow.  This isn’t a big deal for me, since I usually walk the 4 km to the University anyways.   It usually takes me about half an hour.  I expected it to take a little longer today with all the extra snow to get through.  Before I left the house at 7:35, I checked my email and the university website again.  Nothing.  Alright, looks like I have to suck it up and go.

Unfortunately for me, maybe one out of every 20 houses had shoveled their sidewalks, so I was breaking trail the entire way.    An hour and fifteen minutes later, after pushing five cars out of snow banks and battling through some snow banks as high as my hips, I arrived at the University.  Only fifteen minutes late.  Not too bad, considering the circumstances.  I quickly stripped off all my snow gear and rushed to my 8:30 class a sweaty mess.

As I walked into my classroom and apologized for being late, my professor informs me that classes were cancelled. You’re kidding, right?  He refreshed the University’s webpage to show me that a message had been posted.

Notice: all classes, including evening and off campus classes have been cancelled
for January 25th. The campus will remain open but with limited services

View from the Front
View From the Back Door

Unbelievable.  I’m quite sure I wasn’t the only one who had no idea until they arrived at the University.  Did they ever care to email me informing me that classes were cancelled?  Sure they did, but it’s not much help when they send it at 8:49.  Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

Is this acceptable?  What about those students who may have attempted to come in from out of town or drive across the city?  What if I had a midterm I had to frantically attempt to get to?  Should there not be a better system for situations like this?   What if a student had attempted to come and got into a serious accident or something along those lines all for no reason?

Thankfully the day wasn’t a total rest, I got some work done at the University and a great workout pushing cars and trekking through snowbanks.  I just don’t think this situation was handled very well and apologize for my ranting.