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Regina, SK to Sault Ste. Marie, ON

This past Friday I connected with another one of my ECMP Mentorhips!  This one is with Mike Poluk from Sault St. Marie, Ontario.  This is my only mentorship within Canada, but is by no means close to me.  Sault St. Marie is some 1500 kms away from Regina.

I quickly introduced myself to his class before they headed outside for a project.  They were quite surprised that we had snow already!

The class just created a Project Earth Homes (inspired by this blog) where they were split into groups and given half of an hour to gather 25 natural objects and build an earth home (perhaps inspired by earth houses I found on Wikipedia).  Mr. Poluk has created a video of the creations which can be seen here.

This week the class is setting up blogs and learning about blogging etiquette.  I’m excited to see what kind of blogs the students come up with.

I will also be using Skype once again to interact with the class this Friday! I can’t wait!