The Switch to Windows 7

Today I downloaded Windows 7 and got it up and running.  I have to thank Dan for giving some great help that I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for his post.  I’ve been playing around with it and it is very nice.  It looks great and has some really cool features.  The upgrade only cost me $40 since I was able to get a discount because I am a University student, check it out here.  I would highly recommend anyone who has Vista or XP to make the update and if you decide to do so, read Dan’s blog post about it here.  It will save you some serious time and stress as you go through the installation process.  I created a Screenr recording so you can see some of the cool feature I’ve come across so far.

Hopefully I’ll find some more cool features to share. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get my Microsoft Office back since I don’t have the disk for it with me.

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  1. NIce Kyle it’s worth the $40 for sure. I enjoy the Media Libraries…just grabs all my videos, music and what not no matter where it is on your computer. Pretty sweet.
    So did you buy it through Digital River? Because I still haven’t received the ISO they said they’d e-mail me…luckily I found someone who posted all the ISO’s lol which I posted on my blog. Did you use them? Or did you just upgrade from Vista? But yeah it was a stressful upgrade..for me anyways lol…but definitely worth it.

  2. I’m also thinking of upgrading from Vista, but I don’t think I have my Microsoft Office disk either. When you retrieve it, would you be able to let me know how you did it? Thanks!

  3. The media libraries is a nice touch. I did go through digital river. And I downloaded what they told me too, but i got an error “unloading the box” which apparently happens if you do the student upgrade. If it wasn’t for your ISO links I would have never made it through the update. And this was upgrading from Vista, so I guess it’s a pain no matter what route you take. It was definitely worth the $40 and I haven’t had any troubles yet. It runs very smooth and looks great!

  4. Haha yeah glad to be of help. Yeah the unloading box error is because of what bit your OS was and what you were upgrading to. It’s ludicrous that they just don’t give you the ISO…how dare they. But yeah if you had a Vista 64-bit then it would have worked. All these random details hey?

  5. Yes I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just do the ISO like you suggest, it won’t work unless you’ve purchaseds the product key anyways. They just wouldn’t want to make things too easy for us.

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