This week in ECMP 355, we were to subscribe to and review two different podcasts; one for personal interest and one relating to education. I have downloaded quite a few podcasts but I’ve decided to tell you about two of them: fitmusic.com and Learning in Hand: iPods.

fitmusic.com Podcast Screenshot
fitmusic.com Podcast Screenshot

I downloaded fitmusic.com because I have been getting pretty bored with my iPod music lately when I’m at the gym. I downloaded all 137 episodes, which took a little time, but wasn’t too bad. Basically, the podcast just has various mixes, all technoish. They range from 20 minutes long up to just over an hour. I used a few different episodes (I can’t remember exactly which ones) while I ran some laps at the gym. They were a nice change to my typical music and seemed to build up as I went, pumping me up to go even longer. I was expecting many of them to be pretty much the same thing, but much to my surprise, every episode I quickly sampled was different from the others. For each episode, there is a list of the song’s title, artist and BPM. The only thing I wish they had done differently was categorized different episodes for different types of workouts (ie. Sprinting, Casual Jogging, etc.). You can check out the podcast in iTunes here


Learning in Hand : iPods
Learning in Hand : iPods

I came across Learning in Hand: iPod podcast when I was looking for resources for my final project. Tony Vincent is the host of this podcast. Some of the episodes were in video and some were in audio form. Currently, there are 19 episodes for this podcast. I watched episodes 18 and 19. Episode 18 talked about the basics of using iPod touches. Tony bla bla 18. In episode 19, Tony takes us on a tour of Washington, DC by taking photos along the way and use them in a comic strip, all on the iPod touch. He used the Maps app, the screenshot feature, Google Earth, and a comic creation app. He shows us how to use all of these features and ultimately showed us his final product. These two episodes were really cool and showed some great ways to use iPods in a classroom. I will definitely be looking the other episodes as soon as I get an opportunity!

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