The other day I was aimlessly browsing around the internet seeing where I would end up. I stumbled across EcoFont.

Ecofont is a new way to be environmentally conscious created by Spranq Creative Communications. It is supposed to reduce the amount of ink you use when you print; they claim 20% less! They did this by “poking holes” in the Bitstream Vera font.  This does look kind of stupid when printing large sized text but when you print in normal size text it’s not even noticeable. I tried printing a document with the font and the only noticeable different is that the text just appears a little lighter.

EcoFont (sizes 48 down to 12)
EcoFont (sizes 48 down to 12)
I have always tried to reduce the amount of paper I wasted, but I never thought to reduce the amount of ink I print when I actually use paper. I absolutely hate when I run out of ink (which is quite often) and have to spend the money on a new cartridge. As a current student, there is a lot of printing involved so I go through ink like it’s nothing. This could be a great way to save myself some money over the next few years of school. It may be a hassle to convert professor’s files to the font, but if the word gets around about it maybe more and more people can use it.

Also, as a future teacher I know this could make a huge difference. I vividly recall getting handout after handout in high school. That is a lot of ink being used when printing for an entire school!    We can certainly try to reduce the amount of paper we use and waste but when we do need to use it, why not try to reduce the ink we use? We will save our school money and hopefully encourage our students to be more environmentally conscious by setting a good example.

I hope that Spranq make more fonts of this style to give everyone some more variety and encourage more and more people to use it!

Try it out!  You can download it here and the instructions on how to install are on the same page.  Once you install it and try it out in a program it will be called “Spranq eco sans”.

Let me know what you think!