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I have recently decided to change up what I`ll be teaching about in the ECMP March Teach Us Something.  Originally, I was going to showcase Google Wave, but now I will be showing my classmates   I don`t have anything against Google Wave, but it was difficult finding someone to use it with me (although I am sure if I would have tweeted it out I wouldn`t have had any problems) and was quite interested in when we heard about it in our class about cellphones in the classroom with Liz Kolb.

Essentially, is a place to share files with others.  From what I`ve gathered so far, you can share images,videos, audio text and documents.  You can also chat live with other users who are in your “drop” with you.  You can send things directly from your email, upload them in the “drop” and even call a number on your phone to record audio (I haven’t tested this out yet, though).  If all goes to plan, we will be testing out a drop I’ve created as part of my presentation at the end of the month.

I have tried to find a way to embed the video from their site into this post, but I haven`t had any luck. Either way, you can view it here.

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