I’m only six weeks into my student teaching and I’m slowly starting to get the feel of how a classroom works.  I am starting to better understand what to expect in different situations, although there always seems to be something that surprises me.

However, there is one constant I have found in every class.  No matter what we are working on, one question will always be asked a number of times:

“Is this right?”

It’s  a simple yes or no question, right?  Yet, I struggle with it.

I don’t want to tell them if they are right or wrong. I want them to know themselves.  I want my students to be able to look at what they’ve done and be able to do some sort of self assessment.  I want them to be be able to pick out their mistakes, and make the corrections.  I want them to be confident in what they’ve done and not need me to tell them whether or not it’s “right” or “good”.  I want them to see the value in making and then learning from mistakes.

I want them to do all these things.  Then I expect them to write an quiz or a test where I will be the judge whether they’re right or wrong. Maybe I should ask myself: “is this right?“.  No wonder they want me to tell them if they’re right or wrong…