This was a message shared with me by a classmate of mine who is currently doing her internship.  I know she is not the only one to encounter this, as I have myself.  I’d like this post to serve as a place for you to share any advice/widsom with us if you have any.


I am part way through marking a grade 10 assignment (began with measuring a pop can, ended with finding the cost of producing a certain amount of aluminum) that my class had to do that incorporated everything from the last unit they learned, and the lack of effort put into this is blowing my mind.

Almost every student in my class should have been able to complete this assignment 85-100% correctly, had they even used the class time I had given them. The language was simple, it was divided into small steps, and was EXTREMELY straightforward (almost ridiculously so, for a grade 10 class).

I am finding that one of the things I am most frustrated with is many of my students just DON’T CARE.

Are any of you facing this challenge? If yes, how are you dealing with this? (I’m not looking for a discussion on grading and grades as a non-motivator, because frankly, the fact that this assignment was one of the few graded this unit still wasn’t motivation for my students.) So, how are you motivating your students? Please share.

How do you deal with students who seem to just not care?  Any words of wisdom?

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