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Tech vs Paper

I’m very fortunate to teach at a school that has a one-to-one laptop program.  Each student I teach has their own laptop that has scribing capabilities, students can use a stylus to “write” on their screens.  With my… Read More

World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube Mosaic

Today,  I came across an article on Makezine.com today about the world’s largest rubik’s cube mosaic that was recently built (is built the right word for art?).  Spoiler alert: the article tells you how many cubes were used…. Read More

Further Experimenting with Flipping Math

Since beginning to teach math, even in my student teaching, I’ve employed the flip class.  Just for the record, I still don’t think the flipped class is the answer to education’s problems, but its better than me just… Read More

A New Vision for Math in High Schools #educon

At Educon 2.5, Mike Thayer (@gfrblxt on Twitter, blogs at http://hyperbolicguitars.blogspot.com/) ran a conversation called “A New Vision for Mathematics in High Schools“.  Being a high school math teacher, it seemed like a no brainer to join in this session…. Read More

“What’s 6 x 8?” and Calculator Dependency

Since getting back into the classroom, I’ve been reminded how much students struggle with simple mental math.    I cannot even begin to account the number of times I hear “What’s 4 x 7?” or “What’s 4+19” blurted… Read More

Students That Just Don’t Care

This was a message shared with me by a classmate of mine who is currently doing her internship. I know she is not the only one to encounter this, as I have myself.
“I am part way through marking a grade 10 assignment (began with measuring a pop can, ended with finding the cost of producing a certain amount of aluminum) that my class had to do that incorporated everything from the last unit they learned, and the lack of effort put into this is blowing my mind. {[..]