This week in ECMP 355 we have been sent out to investigate our current digital footprint.

When I first search for my name in Google’s search engine, only one link relating to myself shows up.  It is a link to Dan Meyer’s blog post, Redesigned: Kyle Webb.  Everything else on the first page does not relate to me.  Page two is a bit more of me.  My Flickr page, Vimeo page, and Twitter page all show up.  So far there have been a few Facebook pages for other Kyle Webbs, but not me.  I quickly clicked through pages 3, 4, and 5 but nothing showed up.  I was pretty disapointed that my blog hadn’t showed up so far.

My digital footprint is hard to find (from Flickr)
My digital footprint is hard to find (from Flickr)

Next I searched for “Kyle Webb Canada”.  The first thing that appeared was a LinkedIn page, which I did create a while ago but haven’t really used.  Also on the first page, was a link to my Twitter page again and a link to my profile on the Educator’s PLN Ning Site.  Page two had only one link, to one of my mentor’s blogs where he talked about the math problem I created.  Pages 3,4 and 5 again had nothing about me.  At this point, my Facebook page still hasn’t appeared.

I then attempted to search for “Kyle Webb Saskatchewan”.  Finally my Facebook page appeared.   Nothing else really showed up.  I am also a hockey player so I searched f or “Kyle Webb hockey”.  It turned up a few league sites (QVHL, PJHL, SMAAAHL).

Perhaps my name is too common for items only related to me.  But, I was really disappointed that my blog did not show up.  When I go to apply for a position as a teacher, I want that to be one of the first things that shows up when I’m Googled.  I did not find anything that I wish wasn’t on there, which is a huge relief.   However, if anyone else did find anything they didn’t want to appear, they should check out this article I found through a link on Twitter: Un-Google Yourself.