Final Project Update

Over the last while I’ve been slowly putting together my final project.  The project is a wiki with resources about implementing iPods into math education.  I spent way too much time trying to decide where I was going to build my wiki.  I initially began creating my wiki on Google Sites.  However, soon after I started working with Google Sites I had a change in heart.  Since then, I’ve been putting together everything on the University of Regina’s wikispace.  You can see everything I’ve done so far here.  All I’ve really done is a few application reviews and one line on most of my pages.   It seems to be taking longer than I expected to look through the apps, take screenshots, upload them, and come up with some sort of useful review about it.   However, I hope that now that I’ve found a home for my wiki, I can get it all put together.
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    1. I have a list of about 20 right now that I for sure want to include. However, I’m finding more and more each day that I want to include also. I just want to get as many as possible on there. I would have never thought that there were so many resources available. It’s too bad so many of them cost money and I don’t have a fund to purchase some. There are some very promising paid apps that I would love to test drive, but I’m a poor student. Hopefully one day I can explore them or perhaps someone who is using them can contribute.

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