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Mentorship Comments

In the past few days I have received some great comments from the students I did my mentorship with Ms. Ionno in ECMP 355.  I’m going to post them below..

  • “Thanks for the question Kyle!! isn’t it fun when you can relate math to something you enjoy doing?”
  • “hey kyle its m** from ms.ionnos 4th period class just wanted to say hi and how cool these activities are and how much i have learned from the aspecially the academic green one i think u will make a great teacher”
  • “Hey Kyle I heard you are leaving us. That sucks, but thanks for everything.”
  • “Kyle, It has been a great experience working with you and i have learned so much!
  • It makes me sad that you aren’t going to be out mentor anymore! Best wishes for the rest of college!!!!”
  • “Hey Kyle, I have had so much fun with this mentoring program and I am glad that the class and I were able to do fun-filled activities with you. Thank you so much for teaching us so much.
  • Suprisingly, it is kind of cold in Florida. I went to a lake for camping and it was freezing. I had to sleep in my car because the tent was way too cold. It must be like that all the time in Canada right?
  • The activity for the academic green was fun. I didn’t know until that activity that circumfrence and area of a circle could be so difficult! It took a lot of thinking and I had to use all my brain power to get the answer.Although it nearly killed my brain (wink wink!), I had a lot of fun with it.
  • I can’t believe the mentoring program is almost over with you. It was so much fun it went by like a bullet! It was so cool acually chatting with someone all the way from Canada. I don’t even want to know how many miles away it is! But it would be a cool fact to learn.
  • I just wanted to ask a question and wanted to know if you could answer it when the class gets to see you next week: why did you want to be a teacher? What was your reason to be a teacher? Just wanted to know.
  • Well it was a really great experience working with you online. It shows that, maybe, one day, we could acually have classes over the internet like you do but in school. It’s amazing how technology grows and how we use it. I really like technology because then we get to do stuff like this. Communicating in a way people didn’t even think was possible in the 1900s or even farther in the past.
  • Thanks again for the great experience! I hope you do good on your final exam! Once again, it was really fun working with you.”
  • “I liked the cicumfrance/area activity better than this ratios activity.”
  • “KYLE,
  • “Kyle it was great working with you. The syombls that each hockey tean had looked very cool. My favorite was the Harford Whalers. Thanks for the time you spent working with us theis few weeks. We hope to do more work with you very soom. I think i speak for the whole class when i say that this has beed a great expiernce and that we hope to keep in contact woth you. Good luck on your exams and all the projects you have dew. DO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • ” I really enjoyed having you as a mentor for my class. Your activites were creative and fun! “
  • “first this activity was sort of confusing but when i really figured out how to do it it was easyer.”
  • “hi kyle this was really fun are these teams and records real? see you next time by”
  • “Dear Kyle, I really liked the fact that we get to do real live chats with you and it is so much fun, and I hope we get to do another one soon!”
  • ” I think you will like this activity alot because Hockey is one of your favorite sports. In this activity we had to find the ratio of the teams, the winning percentages of the teams, rank the teams from 1st place to 6th place, and find the average of the two 1st place teams and the average of the two last place teams. The teams were the Colorado Rockies, the Quebec Nordiques, the California Golden Seals, the Hartford Whalers, the Kansas City Scouts, and the Winnipeg Jets.”
  • “Dear Kyle, Thank you for mentoring ur class. We just finished the results of your retro hockey team activity. I’ve learned a lot.”
  • “Thanks kyle it was well not fun but not boring in the middle there some where”
  • “It is kind of cool. Like when I play basket ball sometimes I can compare math to that and math becomes fun because it’s involved in something I love.”
  • ” Dear kyle,. As you know i am in mrs.ionno’s 4th period class. This was a very fun activity, thank you for spending time with our class to work with us. p.s. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! “

These comments have made my day and have really inspired me as a prospective teacher. I just wanted to share them!


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    I just read all of the comments that my students sent to you. I had no idea so many of them wrote to you and am very pleased they took the initiative to tell you how wonderful our experience with you was. I know we encountered several communication difficulties along the way but they still learned and that was the main objective.

    It was a wonderful experience working with you and I do hope our professional relationship continues. I wish you the very best in your teaching career. Keep in touch and Happy New Year.

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    It was a pleasure meeting you, Kyle. I really enjoyed working with you and Ms. Ionno’s class. It was fun to see how excited the students got knowing they were talking with someone a thousand + miles away. Good luck in the future, and tell your professor he should continue this assignment! 😉 Feel free to message me on Twitter or Skype if you need me.


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