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Twitter Chats (Sway)

Embedded below is another piece of work I completed for ETAD 802.  You can create your own Sway file at www.sway.com. A full page version of the Sway can be found at https://sway.com/zqTjXwFfgld90iu1.   Photo Credit: HTSABO

Hello St Louis

This semester is my internship semester. Instead of having any classes, every final year education student goes out and teaches under the supervision of a cooperating teacher at a school, gaining experience in front of a classroom and… Read More


Since Dean told us about using Twitter in ECMP, I’ve been trying it out to see how I might find it helpful in the future.  I’ve been slowly trying to establish a PLN like Dean and our presenters… Read More

Unbelievable Social Media Count

I stumbled across this thanks to one of my mentoring teachers on Twitter, Michael Kaechele.  You can find the original post by Gary Hayes on his blog, here.  Using statistics he found across the web, this counter calculates… Read More