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Slacktivism with Students

Social media platforms have given users unprecedented access to a world-wide audience, at almost no cost to the user. It has given a voice to those who were previously muzzled. It has brought issues to the attention of… Read More

The Amazing Pushbullet

If you are anything like me, you are constantly juggling multiple devices throughout your day – phone, tablet, computers. Each one of these devices serves a different purpose and I use them in different situations. What I have… Read More

“Don’t just consume things, create things” – Hour of Code 2014

I am writing this post a little late, but decided it was worth sharing my experience with the Hour of Code in December. The Hour of Code officially took place during the week of December 8th – 12th…. Read More

Are We Digital Dummies?

Last night, I watch a documentary on CBC’s Doc Zone called “Are We Digital Dummies?“.  The program discusses the  dependence many people have developed on technology, especially Blackberries (but also applies to any other phone or mobile device)…. Read More


I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has ever had extreme frustrations with technology.  This evening, I was supposed to do a show and tell activity with my ECMP 455 class in Elluminate.  I spent the… Read More

Three Great Ideas

Last Wednesday, we had three awesome presenters for ECMP 355.  They discussed how they are currently technology in their classrooms and warned us about some of the myths about teaching and technology.  I’m going to share with you… Read More