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“What if you Won the Lottery?”

This is the question that lead me to becoming a teacher. I was a second year university student, further away from knowing what I wanted to do with my life than ever before.  I had considered engineering, nursing,… Read More


I’m finding it a challenge to balance my time as a first year teacher.  I’m sure the lack of time to get everything done is nothing new to experienced teachers, but I’m still battling it everyday.  I’ve never… Read More

Bring a Scientist into Class

I am currently teaching an introduction chemistry course.  It has been a lot of fun, but I can honestly say that my chemistry background is not that strong having only taken/took (clearly my English background also isn’t that strong) a… Read More

A New Approach

When I was putting together an assignment for my ECS 100 class a few weeks ago (which I posted here), I came across the following from an article entitled Real-World Issues Motivate Students… “If schoolchildren are given the… Read More

Teaching for the Real World: Incorporating Relevant Topics and Technology

(This is an assignment I just submitted for my education class.  I’ll warn you, it’s a long post) Just over a year ago I decided I wanted to pursue a career in education.  Since then, many people have… Read More

The SHA Has it Right!

]This past weekend I took my hockey refereeing certification course. I haven’t been a referee since my younger days, but as a student I couldn’t think of a better part time job. I get to work when I… Read More