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Planning it out with SketchUp

After scouring the web for way too long, it became time to make the design for my table. Despite great aspirations to make my table really cool and something unique, I ultimately decided to try to make my… Read More

Surfing the Wave

In ECMP 455, we are all picking some sort of technology or tool and making a short presentation about it to our classmates.  Initially, I was going to discuss how iPods could be used in math education, much… Read More

My Digital Footprint

This week in ECMP 355 we have been sent out to investigate our current digital footprint. When I first search for my name in Google’s search engine, only one link relating to myself shows up.  It is a… Read More

The Wonderful Picasa

Recently,  after being immersed in the wonders of Google I found out I could upload my pictures to a Google site called Picasa (much like you can with Flickr).  I then got into it and noticed that it… Read More


After Lisa Thumann introduced my ECMP 355 class to iGoogle, our class went out and started exploring it.  After playing with it for quite a while I  created a page that included pictures from my Google Picasa Web… Read More

Your Study Habits

I want to get a feel for how others study.  What seems to work and what doesn’t.  I’ve created a quick survey for you to fill out. Loading… Thanks! I’ll share my results as soon as I get… Read More