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The Retake Debate

Recently, I’ve been in heated discussions around whether or not we should allow students to retake assessments.  I teach both math and science currently, and the departments are in very different places with regards to their stance on… Read More

Why Tests?

I’ve been thinking a lot about final assessments, and assessment in general, lately. If we started education today, with no knowledge of what has happened in the past, would we still have tests?  Tests confined to two hours?… Read More

Meaningful Assessment is Hard

One thing I’ve learned in my first year of teaching is that real, meaningful assessment is not easy. It’s easy for me to make multiple choice tests, maybe with some true/false or matching questions.  I could probably grade… Read More

This is not learning.

It’s currently the end of trimester and time for finals at my school. Suddenly, all of the calm and motivated students I have taught this year have become something completely different.  Learning is out the window.  All they… Read More

Is This Right?

I’m only six weeks into my student teaching and I’m slowly starting to get the feel of how a classroom works.  I am starting to better understand what to expect in different situations, although there always seems to… Read More

Growth Documentary

I made this video for my EPS 350 class this semester. Instead of writing a final reflective paper, we created mini documentaries to show our growth over the semester. The video is just under fourteen and a half… Read More