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WestCAST 2012

Next week, I will be attending the WestCAST (Western Canadian Association for Student Teaching) 2012 conference being hosted by the University of Calgary. I attended the conference last year when it was in Brandon, Manitoba and shared a session called “Google 2.0 – More Than a Search Engine” and met many other student teachers from across western Canada.

This year, the conference challenge is “How might we rethink the focus and practices of teacher education to explore emergent insights into learning?” and I’m excited to hear what other universities are doing to investigate this.

How Things Are Done Around Here

(Click image to enlarge.) Does this sound familiar? I don’t know where this image originated, but if you do, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Growth Documentary

I made this video for my EPS 350 class this semester. Instead of writing a final reflective paper, we created mini documentaries to show our growth over the semester. The video is just under fourteen and a half… Read More

The Bare Minimum

This semester has brought about a lot discussion around assessment among my classmates. This is what I have found: As university students, we don’t care about learning.  We care about getting a good enough grade to move on…. Read More

Effort in Assessment

To kick off our Winter 2011 semester we attended a conference covering many different education topics.  For one session I chose to attend a presentation about physical education assessment, mostly since I know nothing about physical education and… Read More


A few weeks ago, I finished up my finals for the year.   Luckily, I only had to write two finals because all of my education classes had final projects instead.   This meant I had a great… Read More