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Effort in Assessment

To kick off our Winter 2011 semester we attended a conference covering many different education topics.  For one session I chose to attend a presentation about physical education assessment, mostly since I know nothing about physical education and… Read More

Curriculum Questions

One of the hottest topics of discussion I have encountered so far this semester has been the new Mathematics Curriculum being implemented into Saskatchewan this year and over the next few years. Many things are changing, and it… Read More


A few weeks ago, I finished up my finals for the year.   Luckily, I only had to write two finals because all of my education classes had final projects instead.   This meant I had a great… Read More

A Reflection

This is my slidecast of the reflection I presented to my ECMP 455 class last night. The audio not perfect, but after probably fifteen different tries, I’ve realized that it probably never will be. Enjoy! [slideshare id=3750560&doc=kylewebbreflectionecmp455-100416125154-phpapp02]

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

Reflecting. It seems like it is the only thing I ever do anymore.  To be quite honest, I’m getting a little tired of it.  This is probably why my blog has been pretty slow in recent months. It’s… Read More

Pick The (Teacher’s) Best Answer

Two weeks ago, I wrote a midterm for one of my education classes. We were told it was a multiple choice exam consisting of 80 questions. When my class arrived at the exam we discovered it was a… Read More