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Down the Rabbit Hole

When I embarked on my learning project for ECI 831, I figured the research portion would be the easiest part of the entire process. Little did I know, there are endless resources online from DIYers. I spent hours… Read More

How can we help?

When I first read about teens using the internet to self-harm this week, I was shocked. Some teens are using social media sites like Reddit and 4chan to ask others to “roast them”. As Tanitha Carey¬†put it, these… Read More

My Story of Snapchat: Now I get it (I think)

I’ve been thinking about Snapchat a lot this year. Not like my students, though, who do seem to obsess over the app. I’ve been thinking about how it can fit into my classroom and getting nowhere. Without fail,… Read More

Learning for the Sake of Learning

For my EC&I 831 course, I have been given a gift: Learn anything you want. There’s a little more to it than just learning something: we need to use open, online resources and, most importantly, share our progress… Read More