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Cuts for the Table

This post is part of my EC&I 831 Learning project. I had my plan. I had my supplies. Now it was the scary step of starting to put things together. I knew exactly how long I needed all of… Read More

What type of wood?

Before I could start building my coffee table for my EC&I 831 learning project, I needed some supplies. Luckily, I had a shop available to use with a ton of tools. However, I needed wood. From my design,… Read More

Planning it out with SketchUp

After scouring the web for way too long, it became time to make the design for my table. Despite great aspirations to make my table really cool and something unique, I ultimately decided to try to make my… Read More

Slacktivism with Students

Social media platforms have given users unprecedented access to a world-wide audience, at almost no cost to the user. It has given a voice to those who were previously muzzled. It has brought issues to the attention of… Read More

Let’s Talk Passwords

There has been a lot talk in recent weeks about Apple’s refusal to unlock an iPhone used by a San Bernardino terrorist. Even Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has sided with it’s long time rival Apple on the encryption… Read More

Years in the Making

This week in EC&I 831, we’re talking digital identity. It’s been a while since I’ve Googled myself. Much to my relief, when I went to check myself out online again, my own domain was the top hit. I… Read More