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My Digital Footprint

This week in ECMP 355 we have been sent out to investigate our current digital footprint. When I first search for my name in Google’s search engine, only one link relating to myself shows up.  It is a… Read More

Three Great Ideas

Last Wednesday, we had three awesome presenters for ECMP 355.  They discussed how they are currently technology in their classrooms and warned us about some of the myths about teaching and technology.  I’m going to share with you… Read More


This week in ECMP 355, we were to subscribe to and review two different podcasts; one for personal interest and one relating to education. I have downloaded quite a few podcasts but I’ve decided to tell you about… Read More

Volumes of Solids in Google Earth

For this weeks assignment, we were to find a Google Earth resource from Jen Wagner’s Wiki and think about how we could incorporate it into a classroom setting.  Since I’m become a math teacher, I didn’t really think… Read More

The Zoo

I decided randomly on two tools to use from Alan Levine‘s list of Fifty Tools. I decided to use Vuvox Collage and Animoto. Using Animoto didn’t require much work.  It basically did it all for me once I… Read More

Hello Florida and Michigan!

Two of my student mentorships for ECMP 355 have already begun. Over the weekend, I created this video for Ms. Ionno’s class in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to introduce myself to her students.  I’ve had one student already… Read More