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Productivity with Wear Pomodoro


I think it’s safe to say that staying organized and using my time productively is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I am excited to read other #saskedchat blog posts about this topic, since I have a lot to learn in this department! One of the best tools I have tried out lately has been a Pomodoro timer app, called Wear Pomodoro, that I use on my smart watch.  Once I hit go, it starts a timer for […]

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Where to sit?


This year, I have found myself having serious debates about seating plans and arrangements in my classroom. Having taught high school previously, I never had any major concerns about seating plans.  Students would come in, sit where they wanted to and, if there were a problem, I would simply ask the students to move. Problem solved. However, I’m now teaching middle years and it is pretty evident that my students don’t have the self-discipline required to situate themselves productively in […]

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The Amazing Pushbullet


If you are anything like me, you are constantly juggling multiple devices throughout your day – phone, tablet, computers. Each one of these devices serves a different purpose and I use them in different situations. What I have found quite often is that I’m browsing Twitter or reading articles on one device and I realize that I really want to be able to look at it on another device. Or, I find an app for my phone while I’m on my computer […]

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I am writing this post a little late, but decided it was worth sharing my experience with the Hour of Code in December. The Hour of Code officially took place during the week of December 8th – 12th. The entire purpose behind the Hour of Code was to introduce kids to computer programming and address some of the stereotypes associated with computer programming. When I initially told my students we would be participating in this project, there were a lot […]

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The Retake Debate

Recently, I’ve been in heated discussions around whether or not we should allow students to retake assessments.  I teach both math and science currently, and the departments are in very different places with regards to their stance on retakes. In my math courses, students are free to retake any quiz they please.  The thinking behind this is that if they are willing to put in the effort to fill the gaps in their understanding, they should be given the opportunity […]

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“Do you round up?”


At my school, we’re nearing the end of our second trimester.  Consequently, students are starting to see how their grades are stacking up now that most of their assignments and assessments have been completed and entered into our LMS.   Our LMS reports the grades to students as percentages, but we (teachers) report the grades to the school as letter grades.  We have a range that gives a student their letter grade based on their percentage. Students are starting to […]

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