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The Retake Debate

Recently, I’ve been in heated discussions around whether or not we should allow students to retake assessments.  I teach both math and science currently, and the departments are in very different places with regards to their stance on retakes. In my math courses, students are free to retake any quiz they please.  The thinking behind this is that if they are willing to put in the effort to fill the gaps in their understanding, they should be given the opportunity […]

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“Do you round up?”


At my school, we’re nearing the end of our second trimester.  Consequently, students are starting to see how their grades are stacking up now that most of their assignments and assessments have been completed and entered into our LMS.   Our LMS reports the grades to students as percentages, but we (teachers) report the grades to the school as letter grades.  We have a range that gives a student their letter grade based on their percentage. Students are starting to […]

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Marshmallow Challenge


For the opening day of my STEM course I used this activity, inspired by the following TED talk: I found it to be a great experience for my students. It was a fun way to start the year and the first step towards encouraging my students to take risks within my classroom. Since this was the first time I met my students, it turned out to be a great way to introduce myself and learn a little about them as […]

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Attempting to Blog for a Month

Back on February 3rd, I decided that I was going to make a commitment to blog everyday for a month.   At that point, I had already blogged for a couple of days in a row.  This was a tremendous increase in my blogging and reflecting, having only blogged a handful of times since my ECMP courses. I didn’t pull through on my blogging for a month straight, but I did manage to post 13 more blog posts over the […]

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Science Blogging, Tweaked


A few weeks ago I posted about how I had my science students blog last trimester.  Since I am starting a new trimester, I have tweaked the assignment a little. If you didn’t see the earlier post, my students were blogging about current events in science.  They were asked to summarize an article they found and then share how they feel it impacts them, their community, their country, and then the world.  It was very successful with my students, evident […]

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Watch: To This Day


I came across this video this morning and felt compelled to share it here.  It’s a poem by Shane Koyczan (@koyczan) and was animated by a number of different animators through a collaborative effort.  Please watch it. There is also a website that has been created for further action: http://tothisdayproject.com/. To This Day by Shane Koyczan To This Day When I was a kid I used to think that pork chops and karate chops were the same thing I thought they […]

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