One of the blogs I continually find myself reading is Joe Bower’s blog (@joe_bower)  I came across Joe’s blog when he commented on my blog nearly two years ago.  Joe blogs often about grading, politics influencing education and many, many other topics I have found interesting since discovering his blog.  I check out what he’s been up to on nearly a weekly basis.

Since I entered education in university, I have been encouraged to blog.  It all started with a course from Dean Shareski’s (@shareski) course where I was required to blog.  I soon found that blogging  was and could be much more than just an assignment.  It was a way to share my thoughts and improve my own learning.  Blogging gave me a voice.  A voice I never had before.  A voice that was able to challenge my university professors and bring attention to a concern I had that lead to my younger brother getting recognition he may have not received otherwise.

Blogging and connecting with other educators (usually through Twitter) has made me the teacher I am today.  I know for a fact I would not be teaching in the school I am today had it not been for the connections I have made through social media.  Dean makes a strong case for why every teacher should blog on his blog, here.

Recently, I read Joe Bower’s blog post about the past three years where he has dedicated himself to posting something on a daily basis.  After reading what he has been able to accomplish, and seeing firsthand what he has shared with me, I have decided aim for something similar myself.  I don’t know if I will ever make an impact on anyone else’s learning like he has on mine, but constantly reflecting on my practice in an effort to improve my teaching can’t hurt.

Inspired by Joe,  I made a goal this past week to post something almost every day, for a month.  So far, I’m 4 for 5; this post being my fourth post in five days.  I want to start out with a month, reflect on how it went, and make any adjustments necessary before moving forward.

Here goes nothing!

Photo Credit: paulwatson via Compfight cc