Final Project Update

Over the last while I’ve been slowly putting together my final project.  The project is a wiki with resources about implementing iPods into math education.  I spent way too much time trying to decide where I was going to build my wiki.  I initially began creating my wiki on Google Sites.  However, soon after I started working with Google Sites I had a change in heart.  Since then, I’ve been putting together everything on the University of Regina’s wikispace.  You can see everything I’ve done so far here.  All I’ve really done is a few application reviews and one line on most of my pages.   It seems to be taking longer than I expected to look through the apps, take screenshots, upload them, and come up with some sort of useful review about it.   However, I hope that now that I’ve found a home for my wiki, I can get it all put together.

2 Comments on “Final Project Update

  1. Nice Kyle, I’m enjoying the wiki. I’ve never thought about using an iPod in Math. How many apps do you think you’re going to review?

    • I have a list of about 20 right now that I for sure want to include. However, I’m finding more and more each day that I want to include also. I just want to get as many as possible on there. I would have never thought that there were so many resources available. It’s too bad so many of them cost money and I don’t have a fund to purchase some. There are some very promising paid apps that I would love to test drive, but I’m a poor student. Hopefully one day I can explore them or perhaps someone who is using them can contribute.

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