Screenshot of my iGoogle Page (click to enlarge)

Screenshot of my iGoogle Page (click to enlarge)

After Lisa Thumann introduced my ECMP 355 class to iGoogle, our class went out and started exploring it.  After playing with it for quite a while I  created a page that included pictures from my Google Picasa Web Photos, my Google Reader, a to-do list,  a Google Scholar search box, my Google Docs, my Delicious bookmarks, the Environment Canada Weather for Regina, as well as some news feeds (Edublogs – teacher and student blogs, Educational Technology, and

iGoogle is now my new homepage as it has everyone I need right in there!  I like that I am able to change the theme if I’d like.  It’s so handy to have everything I regularly use all in one spot that I can customize myself!  I hope to explore iGoogle more and let me know if there are any great gadgets that I’m missing out on!

Edublogs – teacher and student blogs

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  1. Man that Mario theme is deadly. Yeah I’ll probably make iGoogle my homepage…but if you want to experience the true power of google you should get Google Chrome (web browser). It’s around %25 faster then any other web browser and it has a lot of cool features (like the top bar is a google search…no more typing in But yeah you seem like a guy who’d like the switch to chrome.

    • It’s funny you mention Chrome, I downloaded it soon after this post most was originally made and have been using it for everything Google! It’s pretty awesome and Docs and Reader run so well in it. However, I’m still using Firefox because I have all my delicious and all that set up in it. I might explore to see if I can add delicious bookmarks into it but I haven’t got around to it yet.

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